Day Is Done

Dream A Little Dream For Me

Susan Spector



Artist Statement


Unemployed or retired?! I can't decide. In the meantime, I'm falling in love with my right brain and the world of right brain people.

My adventure began in the classroom learning about the fluidity of watercolors and the gestural impact of Sumi Ink focusing on landscapes and figure drawing live models. Now, I've expanded my work to include soft pastels, oil pastels, collage, photography, and acrylic painting. The biggest dilemma I've encountered is the push to develop 'a body of work'. My body of work is art! I want to express an idea or concept or image with the medium that moves and inspires me. My body of work is joy! My expressive body of work might be whimsical or political, silly or just a pretty face. My body of work is reaching beyond a body of work.