Building Lighted

River of Dreams

River of Dreams

Circular Dichotomy

Circular Dichotomy

Teresa Lakier


My work is that of geometric abstraction and/or non-objective abstract art, as well as, the subjective, objective abstract art. To define, objective abstract art is an art which depicts the concrete physical object in simplified, or distorted, or exaggerated form; the depicted object may only constitute an indirect reference or an allusion to the original natural subject. Non-objective (non-representational) abstract art is an art which emphasizes color, form, structure and composition, and which is completely dissociated from representational art. Geometric abstraction is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms sometimes, though not always, placed in non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective (non-representational) compositions.

Born in South Africa, I currently live in Los Angeles. I received a Bachelor of Arts for Art at California State University at Northridge and studied at California Institute of Art, Westlake. I currently paint with oil, acrylic and mixed media, and experiment with these mediums.

My work has an amorphous form and function; encompasses an evocative use of light, shape and form; and, each composition is different depending on the piece and its message.  I visually identify a space and its components through the relationship of the components of the design.  My pieces embrace the mundane, the intellectual experience, and the passions of my life. I see my work as a kind of "boundary breaking" going "outside the box.”

I have found something just as relevant and obscure as geometric abstraction, the foundation of my work. Combining geometric abstraction with representational form, I use abstraction to create meaning and mood to the geometry.  My concept is ever-changing and is are continuously developing and being manipulated. I have immersed myself in reinventing, recreating and rediscovering the processes I work with.

The compositions I use are urban landscapes or images of importance within the house/home theme that represent my emotional, intellectual, and physical experience(s) creating a mood and meaning I have found within.

My non-objective/objective abstract work has evolved out of geometric abstraction.  I find an organic composition using light, shape, and form. They integrate with the foundation and create an entirely new atmosphere within the work itself.  

My marks delineate movement using space. The hue, saturation and value of the colors used juxtapose each other, creating a spatial connection pushing and pulling the eye forward and backward.

Only when I arrive at the image I am looking for is the piece finished.  Each piece is a separate entity with its own statement, although, it works as part of a larger body of work. All my work will continue to evolve as geometric abstraction or non-objective abstract art and/or objective abstract art, depending on the subject and what it is communicating.  In comparison to other geometric abstractions, I am less representational, and more color-oriented. By that I mean I have a vibrant use of color which states a message to the viewer creating a mood and meaning.

My images arise from the urban landscape I live in and my imagination. They might be a childhood dreamscape or an adult inclination. I am influenced by a number of artists, and a number of memories. Some influences are Aboriginal and African Art, Albers, Chagall, Klimt, Newman, Rauschenberg and Stella. Places evoke these memories and images arise from this process.  

Affiliated with and representing me are Gallery 825/LAAA, WallSpaceLA, and Hale Arts Space. I have exhibited at VIVA Gallery, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, LARK Galleries, Museum of Latin American Art, Santa Monica Art Studios, Sulkin/Secant Gallery, Beyond the Lines Gallery and Phantom Galleries. I have received several awards, such as, an honorable mention for “Yes,” “Finding Your Roots” and “Colors of Life” at LARK Galleries. I have also received a 3rd place in “Score VII” at VIVA Gallery.

With web portfolios on,,,,, my work may also be seen on gallery websites, such as,,,, and My personal website is