Pear of Blades

Heart and Shield

Viktoria Romanova



Artist Statement

As a colorist, I am interested in beautiful color relationships and particular light keys for each painting that expresses a certain mood or feeling. It makes sense for me to work with the full palette because people see the world in the full color spectrum. Throughout the years, working with paper collages, geometry became the way to simplify shapes and to be as direct as possible. Currently, I do the same type of work, except without paper and scissors, only using oil and brushes directly on canvas. I use a thin paint application with hard edges and I eliminate texture completely in order to let the color be the main focus. 

The excitement of experimentation has always been a motivating force. I am not, strictly, a studio artist because in order to go deep into colors, it is important to work outdoors. Only under natural light conditions, the most magical color and light discoveries can be made.