Interior landscape

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Wanda Decca



Artist Statement

I have always been hungry for color! Coming from a culture of Communist propaganda, color has been my escape. Emigrating and living in Los Angeles, the brightness of light, the freedom of thought made my color richer, deeper and purer. I am drawn to the human body with its profound sorrows and great affirmations. In a world of fear and dreams, chaos and anguish, of challenges not yet known, I am on a discovery journey through shapes and textures, light and shadow, abstract thoughts expressing emotions and, ultimately bringing joy and insight to the viewer.

Bending inward, I am searching for the interior landscapes, reflections of reality in small bitter amounts. “Chaos is the maximum order.” I dive in color, and let it become. It is a process in which I get lost.

Constructing, deconstructing, it’s all a balancing act. The journey is complete when hanged on the wall the viewer can get lost in it. Get a feel of attachment, of awe, getting answers to questions never asked. We all approach art in different ways. We find answers or we are affronted with even more questions. The art discourse is an open ended field. I give my answers...I question my own subjectivity with questions that raise even more questions...There is mystery in art after all.