Vitality #6

Vitality #2


Angela Godoy

Artist Statement

Angela Godoy is an Orange County and Los Angeles based multidisciplinary artist. Her educational background in architecture, graphic design and photography allows for experimentation and inventions of the physical photograph. Godoy is passionate about self-expression and the unaltered beauty every physical being possesses. Her exploration with gender roles, athletes and self-expression drives her unconditional passion to redefine the societal standards that have been infringed upon women, men, and our LGBT community.

Utilizing photography, Godoy guides the viewers to look past the obvious, creating close observation and engagement of the subject to expose its true unique self. With emotional and intimate photographs, she aims to undress the cultural layers that determine our human worth. Her subject matter challenges norms and the status quo, while deconstructing the perceptions of what we see as beautiful and how we in society are defining beauty. Godoy’s objective is to inspire those who see her work to look carefully at the world around them, to become tolerant of others and discover beauty in unusual places.