Kamli at Trevi Fountain in Rome

Kamli in Cappadocia

Kamli in Cappadocia

Kamli in Paris

Kamli in Paris

Archana Anand


Artist Statement 

"Art is key to my happiness. Whether it's a joyful moment or sorrowful one canvas, brushes and colors have never left me alone".

Archana Anand paint in a manner superimposed by elements of nature by submerging oil color on canvas with numerous layers, details, expressive brushstrokes and vigorous bursts of colors, resonating as much with passion as with hue.

Most of her art work is multi-layered style of magnificent and color-explosive female character portraiture. Using oil paint, her elaborate portraits painted on canvas with high level of skill, captivate viewers, inspire joy, and challenge preconceptions of fine and urban art.

The main focus of her art is Optimism and state of a human soul – dreams, longing, love, pain, happiness, growing up and self-discovery. Her subject starts from melancholic world to progressive life and beauty overfilling this world.

Influenced by contemporary artists, old masters, her admiration for elements of nature, females, fairy tales and fantasy, moves her art in a constant state of development. She paints upon personal esoteric experiences, continuous analysis and current influences.

Currently residing in Los Angeles. She loves to travel both within country and international destinations to experience the world and gain new inspirations for her artwork.


2016 Group Show at Muse Art Gallery in Hyderabad, India.
2017 (May) Solo Art Show and Group Show at Art Houz Gallery in Bangalore, India.
Her art is part of private collection at Art Houz Gallery.
2018 (January) “Wande Maatram” at Artizen Art Gallery in Delhi,India.
2018 (March) Group show at Ravindra Manch Art Gallery Jaipur,India.
2018 (June) Article in Indian Express newspaper.
2018 (September) Index at World Trade Center Dubai, UAE
2018 (November) Art Asia at KINTEX exhibition center 1, Seoul South Korea.
2019: Proud member of Los Angeles Art Association.

Recent Work

Currently  working on series titled " Kamli with Kaala Chashma" is a lyrical joyful series of painting that reflects stories of women from different parts of Indian villages, who aspires for better lifestyle,excitement and who believe in their dreams.Dream to travel world and they love the excitement of it all — feel like an explorer — discovering a new land. Kamli feel more spontaneous and don’t live for the future or the past… just in the moment and let down her guard much more than when back at home caught up in the mundane day to day routine of life that we think is normal. She want to see how world lives and sun and smiles in different countries. She want to learn about the differences and embrace the similarities in world. She experience a great feeling of independence through her travel.

As an artist purpose of my painting is to give a visual voice to dreams of women. Exploring dreams, ideas and concepts and describing them with colors which cannot be expressed through words. I like to put smile on people’s face and want my art customers to experience joy and be inspired to fulfill their dreams.

“Kamli with KaalaChashma“is a happy and joyful series of painting which express feeling of fulfillment. I understood power and potential of colors and it has become integral part of this series. Use of bright colors reflects positive energy, youthfulness, zeal of life and innocence. Each painting has its own architectural stories and dramas in detail. I used saturated colors to capture the intensity, to provoke the senses and to delight the intellect.

About the Artist

Archana was born in Maithon a small township in Jharkhand, India. Her first contact with art came when she was very young and returning home after a long day at school. On her way she saw huge fabricated multi-colored structure (called pandal which is used for worship of Indian goddess Durga) adorned with artworks and lights. When she entered in pandal, it was full of beautiful paintings which was used as background of Goddess Durga statue.  The little girl was never fascinated to this level as she was by this sight and decided to test herself in field of art. She started experimenting with colors, medium and different surfaces. She worked and practiced extensively, so much in fact, that she preferred to skip the lunch breaks in school so that she could have more time to draw and sketch. Many nights were sleepless for her as new ideas and excitement to put them on canvas don’t let her sleep. Slowly she became fearless and started working on different mediums like aluminum sheet, clay, wax etc. Today her each piece of art is unique and full of energy, balanced by her spontaneous actions which conveys its own story.