Zoomorphism of Coco


With in,


Enticed by dreams of sweetness

Ariel Vargassal

Artist Statement


Inspired by the mural art movement that started in the streets of Mexico City called "Magic Naturalism" and influenced by  totemistic beliefs that are found in the regions of Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, the Arctic, and most commonly in the Americas, I am creating a contemporary take on the tribal inspiration of the totem, but with a minimalist approach. Totems explore the complex relationships between humans and animals, but more than being mythical creatures or stage props, totems allow us to fantasize about the possibility of communicating with animals, while at the same time, anthropomorphizing them.

As an artist, I ignored all of the superstitions and symbolisms that are culturally given to totems and only looked at their aesthetics. Finding what will work visually for my composition and by making the subject the center of the painting with no background, I aspire to create a narrative that explores the imagination of the observer.

The works humanize as well as contextualize modern animal art as my own take on figurative art.