Ha ça ira (red) 1

Ha ça ira (red) 3


Ha ça ira (red) 4

Blandine Saint-Oyant



Artist Statement

I have developed a style of abstraction that is fluid and organic. I see my current paintings as “intuitive landscapes,” perhaps evoking distant natural phenomena. My process employs liquid oil paint poured over subtly shaded backgrounds that allows the pigments to intermingle and congeal into striking patterns and forms. My aim is to create a space in which contrasting visual elements are interwoven into a fluid composition.

More generally my work explores the relationship between fluidity and control, spontaneity and structure, calmness and exuberance. Process is important – pouring and holding back, guiding without controlling. Over time my process has become more spontaneous and improvisational, and since there is no going back once the paint is poured it requires a certain fearlessness and complete confidence. I hope that the work conveys a sense of excitement, exuberance and pleasure in the application of the material and that it engages the viewer in a meaningful pictorial experience."