Carole Goldman

Artist Statement

If We Truly See Each Other Our World Could Heal

I use wall paint and odd sized unstretched canvas and large brushes. There is more challenge with all those elements, creating for me a greater painting adventure. 

The true excitement though comes when viewing for some moments this new individual, who brings their story unspoken, as soon as some time is spent settled in, seated, quiet, and at ease. 

Then there is an intimacy in the studio that occurs, without their planning, and without the facade we mostly all present to the world.

The subject’s eyes, the set of their mouth, in stillness before my easel, tell me beautiful and touching stories about a life lived.

I truly am meeting this exposed authentic person without their usual obligatory breezy banter and smiles.

I cannot wait to paint the next brave person who allows themselves to not be perfect.

Who you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you‘re saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson