Mobius Made of 3 Donuts

Mobius Made of 3 Donuts

Big Mobius Made of 3 Donuts

Big Mobius Made of 3 Donuts

Cedric Chevalley



Artist Statement

hey, hey ...
above all of my concepts, my main goal in working with Upcycling, is that things can be broken, dirty, no longer available for use, but we can still create something new with it. We can take the best features and bring them to the forefront, for a new life as piece of Art.
As is the nature of life as human beings, we can fail, at a loss broken. But we just have to decide that tomorrow is a whiteboard, a fresh page. We can start anew, bright and shining. We don’t have to replay yesterday tomorrow.

Some interesting facts behind the making of these pieces:
Each skateboard deck is made of 7 plies of maple tree, often colored; I’m personally very inspired by this amazing material.  I can then choose among the used skateboards’ decks, the ones that match each other or simply please me, then I assemble and follow my design, giving a new life to things previously destined for trash.

Another interesting aspect exclusive to using only pre-loved skateboards is the manifested additional stories, pains, gains and persistence lived by the riders and impregnated into the fiber of the board. Once used by the body in dynamic and exciting ways, they now begin a new life of dynamic shapes and design, but this time peacefully placed on the body.

“ Live as you play a game !
Never be too serious and never stop to play,
not even if you fail !  
The whole point is to play your game!

FuckYeah ! * ”

Cedric Chevalley

* Fuck Yeah (slang, vulgar) When something goes your way. Significant, sudden, good fortune. An exclamation used to express agreement, joy, satisfaction, etc.
Cf : Urban dictionary & Wiktionary