Tramar, Imported yarn from Chile on a wind breaker, 2016

Cultural Crash

Healing symbols

Dominga Opazo

Artist Statement

My work is influenced by my heritage. Each art piece and installation has many layers of information that connects to my personal experience as a chilean moving to the United States. My work combines my heritage with my appreciation for nature and acts as a journal of my life. The natural word that surrounds me is constantly changing as I travel. Using natural materials from these places as well as materials from Chile help me feel connected to my heritage while communing with the new place I live. I am particularly interested in the places where nature and repetitive human action overlap. A big theme in my work is the layering of repetition, which when looking closely can be found everywhere in nature yet is in constant change and flow. In my work for example, you see intricate repetition in each print as well as repetition among series of prints with a slight change among individual prints, just as you would see variation in each leaf of a tree. I believe that at its core the natural world is pure simple and calm. My work derives from here.