Three Graces


Distortion 6

Gershon Kreimer



Artist Statement


Austerity is the constraining force behind my work. The larger-than-life nude subjects live within a self-contained dimension absent of narrative or context. Each image is hermetically enclosed, a beginning and end unto itself, transgressing any outside reference.

Evoking an almost cultic presence, the model does not pose, but simply is. Neither artist nor model are interested in the viewer’s pleasure or titillation. The nudity is pure anatomy, the simplest, most physical representation of the subject.

The subject exists in a void where he or she is the sole occupant. They return the viewer’s gaze, inviting confrontation rather than being simply gazed upon. Nude yet invulnerable, the model disturbs the traditional relationship between art and audience with their refusal to be a passive object of consumption. Art-Magazin, Germany