Ocean Dreams

Moon Dance

Man Embracing Moon

Joanne Chase-Mattillo



Artist Statement

I am drawn to images representing romantic dreams.  Photographic montages are created by combining images of models I have captured in photo shoots with elegant vistas of natural settings, often from Southern California beaches and trails, I have photographed.  By joining these two elements, one more transparent than the other, an otherworldly dream scene is created.  To allow these photographic montages to further represent a sweet night dream, the cinema technique of “day for night”, where photographs taken in daylight can be turned into night by darkening the sky and including the moon and stars that we wish could be seen in the night skies that surround the city is applied.  Many of the backgrounds in each final artwork of this series were captured through infrared photography where thermal readings alter the hues seen through normal human vision.  This further bring the image to a more surreal world.