Trust ^3


Julienne Johnson



Artist Statement

I make art
to communicate
what I cannot communicate with words;
what I need to say about it all;
what’s going on in the world around us; what I cannot fix;
what I wish I could make different
with my paint and clay
or metal and wood.
I work very hard at it —
always with my hands,
smearing, scraping, sanding —
until the experience becomes intimately personal.
Communication is at the heart of every creation,
wedded to a humanistic concern.
I yearn with passion to make sense of it all.
Fulfillment comes
only after I am personally satisfied
with having known, experienced and conveyed —
or at least tried to convey,
an ongoing, meaningful conversation;
a conversation that has found its way into the work itself;
a conversation that may potentially transpire
a continuance of the same with each viewer —
long after my paint has dried.

jj / August 2016


Julienne Johnson is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage and video.  She has been engaged in a variety of other creative disciplines,  most notably songwriting. She was nominated for a Grammy and Dove award, among other honors and is an internationally published poet and poetry chapbook winner. 

Johnson has been making art full time at her NoHo Studio, since leaving Art Center College of Design where she was mentored by the late Franklyn Leigel, 2006-2009. Since 2010, she has been curated into over 50 exhibitions and has been honored with 5 solo exhibitions, including her first solo museum show at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine art (April-Nov 2016) and Taylor University in Indiana (Oct 2014). Additionally, her paintings, assemblage and sculpture has been exhibited in 14 international museum shows and her paintings can be found in 8 international, permanent, museum collections; most of which are on permanent exhibition. Besides U.S.Ashows in Indiana, Michigan and California, Johnson has exhibited in Qatar, and has had museum exhibitions in Italy, Thailand, Japan and China. 

For 2017, she is preparing for 2 solo shows in Italy, duo shows in China and Italy, and another solo show at USC.. 

Julienne Johnson was born in Michigan and has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Currently, she resides with her husband in Southern California.-Dec 2016