Henisey Pulse



K. Ryan Henisey 



Artist Statement

Award-winning artist, K. Ryan Henisey comes from two worlds. ""With my father and other family members serving as police and my own experiences with queer marginalization,"" Ryan explains, ""I feel compelled to speak for those whose voices have been silenced."" His love and compassion for both groups allows his art on violence to be simultaneously critical and respectful.

Ryan's ongoing protests art series, #ArttoEndViolence, explores hate in the United States. The titular piece won an Award of Excellence at the 2015 California State Fair. Ryan's paintings depict individuals victimized by bigotry, relying on social media and news outlets for shared imagery. 

"One of the most surprising lessons I've learned,"" Ryan tells, ""is how iconic an image can be for one group and not another — a Black audience instantly recognizes Tamil Rice while other audiences frequently have to ask who I painted."

Ryan's works have appeared in galleries throughout California and events as far away as Tennessee. More of his paintings and protest art can be found at