Beyond Reach



Lucie Hinden



Artist Statement

I work with acrylics and collage, creating dense works on canvas or wood panel with layering, overlapping, and patterning.  My work has a combination of graphic and soft edges, representational elements and abstraction, organic and geometric shapes.

I enjoy the interaction of what is planned and what chance brings to the work. Art allows me to create a space where the fragile can live side by side with what can be shaped and controlled.

There are often brightly colored dyed or painted textured papers or fabrics camouflaged within my paintings. The viewer discovers them slowly. They add a vibrant edge or an element of surprise.

I am also very interested in working with transparent or translucent shapes and colors. The inspiration can come from a detail of something I see or on a particular type of paper. Whatever the initial inspiration may be, what interests me is what is revealed in the negative spaces created by the connections and intersections.

The viewer is drawn into a world of patterns, rhythm and mystery, into intricate shapes within shapes.
I am open to exploring new techniques as my art evolves, but I suspect that color and pattern will continue to be central elements in my work.