And Yet

Quilted 3

Escape Route

Lucie Hinden



Artist Statement

I work with acrylics and collage, exploring translucent layering, overlapping and pouring paint. My work has a combination of graphic and soft edges, representational elements and abstraction. The accidental merges with the planned out. 

There are often brightly colored Mylar pieces or textured papers camouflaged within my paintings. The viewer discovers them slowly. They add a vibrant edge and an element of surprise that contrasts with both the graphic
or atmospheric background. 

I focus on one particular architectural detail: connecting beams, an outdoor sculpture and a winding stairway. 

In these three pieces, I am drawn to the negative spaces in between the apparently solid shapes. The viewer is drawn into a world of patterns, rhythm and mystery, into the intricate shapes within shapes. The architectonic blends with the atmospheric and the ethereal.