Embodied Consciousness VII

Master/Slave V

Benign Indifference V

Maria Bjorkdahl


Artist Statement

I’m an intuitive painter working in an exploratory manner.  By using a visual language dominated by vessels and folds the work has strong sexual connotations. The emphasis is less on carnality and more on creation and the-coming-into-being.

What interests me as a painter and drives my work are existentialist ideas of being and not-being.  I look at the body as the site of existence; and using canvas and oil color, I create painting objects with bodily connotations; a sort of embodiment of human consciousness. 

Another important aspect of the work is a preoccupation with the idea of painting, expressed though exploring the materiality of the canvas, by emphasizing its physicality as fabric. This is also reflected in the recurring motifs of stitching and thread, which lets me reposition painting into a traditional female arena.