Bird in the Hand Vanilla Creme Leaf Bowl

Vanilla Creme Leaf Bowl

Mary McGill



Artist Statement

I am so fortunate to have found my passion for the process and practice of ceramics.  Ceramics is one of the most complex art forms, with endless possibilities, and I never stop learning and experimenting. There is a flow in my work, from one piece to another, from one series to another.  A new idea takes shape and the first successful piece inspires the next and several pieces have similar ideas and become a series.

My sculptural work continues to be female and feline figures within pottery vessels. Through symbolism and emotion the work is representational of the struggles, joys and journeys of life. Bodies tell stories, I'm a story teller and ceramics is the medium for my creations..it allows an assertion of my wild side.. And for humor..  

I dominate the clay, push to its limits. I know its depth and malleability.

When creating my functional work, I use lines, texture, and chaos.  The clay is thrown, rolled, torn and ripped then attached to create a tension between a disciplined, balanced core and an expressive and sometimes explosive flow of movement.  With the addition and subtraction of clay I strive for an overall balance and calm within the chaos and that's when I know it's finished.  I create Seemingly functional vessels that may have a bit of mystery about their actual practical purpose, or utility.

I fire in a gas, electric or raku kiln, depending on my vision for their outcome.

My artistic goal is to create a strong visual element, a pleasing combination of positive form and negative space and develop a line of work that is decorative, contemporary and unique.