Abstracted Perspective 4

Abstracted Perspective 6

Lady in the Park

Mary Tarango



Artist Statement

Working in two distinctively different genres contributes to my high motivation. My Fine Arts' Degree is in Printmaking and Metal. I switch from printmaking, inside my studio, working on paper, wood and glass, to welding, outside, using heavy sheet metal. My images are constantly progressing. Each piece I make inspires new ideas in new directions.

For my mono prints, I use shape, form, color and lines to create a composition. For my metal work, I use rusted sheet metal, a MIG welder, oxygen/acetylene and a plasma cutter. For both mediums, I am constantly aware of the masters who came before me, as well as present and futuristic concepts. I feel that it is important to try to find a place for myself in the "Art World".