"Floral Accent"

"Wish You Were Here"

"JTree Red Rocks"

"JTree Red Rocks"

Meghan Quinn

Artist Statement

I make art to reach people and get them to care. Equality and the environment are themes I am always going back to. These are the issues that make me tick.  I ask my audience to look introspectively as to where our viewpoints originate. The work ranges from the concept of home to the concept of identity in its different states of metamorphosis- ideas that I put out to be consumed and, with luck, internalized. My approach is rooted in the human condition. It is activist art: societal, feminist, and humanistic. Frequently, I draw inspiration from life experience and current events.  I am most comfortable working in a narrative form where convention is defied and the greater authorities are questioned. A common theme I analyze is navigating the girl experience; the struggles that are part of growing up female and the societal pressures that are transferred to us as adult women.