The Transfiguration of TEA

Bob's Annunciation:
That his pants ain't square but rather cool, man!


Michael Chomick




Artist Statement

Being a figurative artist, my work over the past 30 years has encompassed a variety of mediums, i.e.: printmaking, mixed media clay sculpture, small to mural-sized oil paintings, acrylic/bas-relief paintings, ink or graphite drawings, and mixed media constructions with various objects; all the while maintaining a strong focus on a singular theme - Exploration of the ""Human Condition".

The genesis, or root of the works, often stem from a point of inquiry that I wish to convey tangibly for the viewer so that they may, if driven to, pose a dialogue within themselves in the offshoot towards their own personal advancement.

The delving into the different media has not only kept it fresh for me as an artist, but also serves to point out the fact that life is not static. That barreling upon us at a full-charge with the omnipresence of a multi-headed monster, it leaves no person behind. 

The body of works can be viewed in genres such as: Neo-Expressionism, Religious Iconoclasts, and Witty Banality: or in line drawings that border on the bizarre dark-side of a twisted humanity filled with abstracted thingamabobs, and whatnots intertwined with one another.