Beautiful Bones Diary Series, Fallen Soldier

Urban Fairy Tales Series, Witch's House no. 7

Beautiful Bones Diary Series, Forbidden Knowledge Boneyard Series

Nela Steric



Artist Statement

My Boneyard Series are the combinations of emotional, sarcastic, and self-search responses of the horrific outcomes of wars. Several art pieces in particular, are closely related to causalities of a former Yugoslav civil war, and Serbs' role in it in particular. Serbs took part in a civil war, but afterwards, until this day,have not openly accepted their role in the war. It bothers me that most Serbs are still turning a blind eye to the events that happened. Since I am originally from there, I choose to sarcastically name my works by mass grave numbers, and act as I am fully accepting their denial of those events. I also self-search and recognize my own shortcomings, negative - and the way I call them - ""Genocidal roots"", and show it on my works. This way, I am not acting as a moral ""high judge"" but as a part of their nation, trying to understand them and my own soul. The idea could be related to the Serbian civil war of the 90's, or it can be viewed as a general dramatic views of casualties of all human wars.

"Urban Fairy Tales" Series
The Urban Fairy Tales Series incorporates elements from old fairy tales. This idea carries emotional, sweet, but at times sarcastic or secretly naughty elements. The watercolor and inks on Yupo technique represents a blurry, ever-changing mental image or a sweet and different imaginary place. To counter that “fuzzy” view, the names of each art piece transfers the idea of an old fairy tale to a contemporary, urban life.

"Wolf" Series
"Wolf" series are about the beautiful, and wild idea, whether in animals or humans.

"Beautiful Bones Diary" Series
"Beautiful Bones Diary" Series are nostalgic set of memories of victims, whether victims of a single crime, or soldiers who died defending the country.

Some new pieces are not associated to any series, but a single, and broad-general responses to politics, or religion, with the idea left open for a variety of interpretations.