Angel Lust


Cosmic Love

Ruth Aulker

Artist Statement

The Human figure has always been fascinating for me.
I have always loved to draw the human body.
Exploring for many years only with pencil and pastels, I am ready to take my passion of art to oil paintings. I love to explore the different shades and colors that the light on the body provides.
I believe in the power of god and positive thinking. It gives me the strength to move forward and search for new ways to bring art to my canvas.

My art now is through angels, I express my art through them , using my aspect of daily events such as, love, hate, confusion, secrets.
I love to express my art with color and dramatic backgrounds
Bold brush strokes and vivid contrast of colors

My recent series of Comics …
The world is a Comic book. There are heroes, avengers, violence, hate and love.
I tell a story of the world from a different light, using UV paints to show a unique perspective
I focus on love stories to bring happiness to this world.

Artist biography

Ruth Aulker- her story begins in Tallinn Estonia, where she was born.
As a child she discovered her passion for art at an early age being surrounded by creative family members, her father as an acrobat and a model at the art institute and her grandmother always creating needle craft. She developed her passion toward art.
Ruth is not afraid to explore new mediums and try new things.
In 1979 she moved to Israel, she finished high school with Diploma in the arts.
Pottery and sculpture, oil paintings are taking her to the journey.

In College she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Architecture.
Ruth did 3 exhibitions in Israel, 1 solo art show, and 2 Biblical art show in Haifa.

When she moved to California in 2003 she didn’t stopped doing art.
Her works of art have been shown in galleries on Abbot Kinney, and various pop up art venues.

On a daily basis Ruth is a designer for new homes, providing home design and remodeling , as well as permit processing with the city of Los Angeles

As an artist Ruth has her own business for Face Painting, Henna designs, teaching art for individuals and providing entertainment with Paint parties for all ages.
“Ruth’s art murals and face painting”

Ruth is a proud member of Los Angeles Art Association since 2017
Looking to bring happiness with my art, one person at a time….