Angel Lust


Cosmic Love

Ruth Aulker



Artist Statement

Born in 1969 in Estonia.
Lived in Israel At early age I always knew I love art.
My Father introduced it to me at age 3, my grandmother showed me the needle craft
I am Experimenting with arts and craft all my life.  Learning different art techniques and new materials always. At High school I studied art and sculpture and pottery, went on to learn Architecture as a major. 3 exhibition in Israel the theme was Bible and nature,   1 solo exhibition  in Israel  - My Art Moved to USA in 2003, investing in family and my career,  keeping up with the art…
Abbot Kinney  Gallery in Venice- art show, My nude art show. Today I have my business for Paint parties, private art classes,  also teaching Face Painting as a profession  and henna.
I do face painting and henna for events and fairs, every free time I  do Art.
I love colors and bring joy and happiness to people with my art. To be able to see the happy faces its priceless.