S. P. Harper



Artist Statement

Harper paints cut gemstones on reclaimed materials. What begins as refuse is repurposed, transforming base materials into noble objects. Diverse mediums such as discarded tablecloths, wallpaper, graphic posters, upholstery fabric, paintings, canvases, commercial art, building and metal scraps are surface medium. By reforming and re-employing, the work fits into the Ecocentric Art Movement to reduce, reuse and recycle. Harper synthesizes historical and contemporary styles by mixing the classical tradition of still-life painting with modernism.

Gods of fire have made their appearances in cultures throughout history. They have been chosen to represent gemstones that bring repurposed media back to life. Background recycled patterns disappears behind opaque oil paint rendering and reappears through transparent acrylic wash. Eternal flames re-emerge in the facets of jewels which reflect and transfix.

Harper studied art at the American University in Paris, France, the University of Southern California (BFA) and ArtCenter in Pasadena, California.  After spending 12 years in New York, Harper returned to Los Angeles to teach and practice Eco centric art.