222.22 Hz Sunlight

222.22 Hz Sunlight

11.11 Hz Sunlight

10 Hz Sunlight

Sasha vom Dorp



Artist Statement

I’ve made these photographs to better know my place in the universe. Our ability to travel the cosmos being limited, I’ve built a machine in an attempt to observe elemental transactions. I’ve created a mechanical solution to what is a metaphysical problem, forcing basic elements of perception - sound, light, and matter - into a single frame. 

These are photographs of sound encountering light as seen through the medium of water. 

On one hand, I’ve staged common phenomena and on the other hand I’ve captured tiny cataclysms never to be repeated. I bring you evidence of a minute history, in which no instance is petty and every instant too complex to perceive in its entirety. 

A moment is all time, an atom the universe. 

These photographs aim to capture the beauty and turmoil that occurs inside the most pedestrian events. Sunlight bounces on water, sound waves march toward oblivion.