Pyramid I


Polyhedra Installation Image

Seda Saar



Artist Statement


Light defines how we perceive ourselves and objects in space.

Geometry and spatial relationships are a part of our environment and daily life.

I consider my works constructions that parallel the physics of light energy through the tensions of our own movement through space. As an architect and geometer, I am influenced by divine ratios, math and technology, futurist & expressionist dynamics; as well as the sleek lines of modernist design, and I investigate spatial arrangements using an elemental and minimalist sensibility. The shapes are intuitively driven inspired by sacred geometry, and seek complexities that immerse & invite the viewer to move into a place of wonder.

In the PRISM and POLYHEDRON series, my intention is to enable surfaces to harbor illusions of depth, endowing them with movement, translucency, employing optical complexities and tension, to create spatial projection, transforming the forms from static, self-contained objects to open, playful mazes for a fully immersive all sensory experience.