Struggle Growth

The Limitations of Throne

Liberation Wing

Shenping Wang 




Artist Statement

My main concept is “limitation”. I use sculpture as a vehicle for the expression of my interior spirit world, and strive to create forms that are as rich, restrained and struggling. Metal is my most important medium of expression and line is the basic elements of my project.

The emotional source of limitation comes from my childhood experiences. When I was a child, my parents and I lived in a small room and my bed was just a big wooden box. When I grew older, the situation of narrow living space was still not changed. In my 19 years old, I live in a college dorm. In 20th century China, one 200 square foot room must squeeze eight students. Generally, I lived in a small room more than 20 years, so the feeling of “limitation” is very important experience in my life.

Sculpture is my main working form, because “limitation” is a feeling of space. I want audience to relate to my work from different directions, so I think sculpture is the best form for me. I prefer use “line” as my main element to compose Three-dimensional shape, because the worldly things in nature are made by the most basic element of the easiest, so my work is no exception.

Metal is my favorite material, because the form of my work is thin and slender.  Metal also can provide the best support structure. For this and other reasons, I do not want any “surprises” to happen in the exhibition.

In my series works, the human figure has an extreme long arm and leg. The slender limbs represent a kind of revolt for limitation. Life is a limitation because every living creature will die. When different people faced with the limitations they will have a different attitude, so I want to express that visualization of the attitude by sculpture.