Female Energy


Sacred Space

Shizuko Greenblatt 



Artist Statement

I attempt to activate and uplift human souls through transformed art elements including Japanese characters and symbolism. Past and Present, known and unknown, East and West meet to create a contemporary dialog conveying my passion for life and my eternal good wishes for all the people of the world.

Photography is my recent passionate interest to capture and record every kind of art I see in life, although I have been basically a painter and an Ikebana sculptor for more than 25 years.

My accumulation of various glass and crystal wares inspired me to create the “Reflection, Circle Series”.  The glass and crystal wares sparkle so beautifully, as though they have inner lives.  The circle shape keeps inspiring me to produce this series, because it represents and symbolizes positive and useful meanings such as the spirit of feminine energy, the sun, infinity and a sacred space.  The circle will unite, include and make people feel whole as well as to enlighten them.