Palms Pier Lights

Anchor Aerial

California History

Stephanie Sydney



Artist Statement

Trained as a painter, I now paint with photographs. I use my own photographs and technology to compose my images.  My work deals with creating a dialogue between extremes and hopes to address the fragility of life on this planet.  I am fascinated by the cycles of life: birth, aging, and death that apply to all and the relationships we have with our environment and the transient nature of all phenomenon.  I use diverse images as metaphors of this cycle of life.  I am involved with finding a dialogue between opposites, or a common ground between extremes.  Chaos and order, old and new, strength and fragility, nature and man-made, beauty and ugly, large and small, useful and discarded, meaningful and meaningless, solid and fluid, transient and permanent. I am also drawn to reflections and light patterns, capturing the fluid moments in time that flicker by without notice and finding the abstractions and patterns that underlie the physical world giving us the clues to a larger reality. 
Finding order in chaos.