Power of Mantra

Vera Arutyunyan


Vera Arutyunyan is an Abstract Expressionist with a flow of figurative expressions, all emotionally and spiritually charged. Painting is the very tool of her inner outcry. Vera feels she is possessed by many thousands and more of moments when all her inner visions and emotions about the world and herself are crying out loud to come out and be heard. Words of the soul in search of philosophical and existential answers of what lies deep within the human psyche, words of despair in a world in which we are strangely at home and yet lost at the same time. Words of powerful love for life and spirituality; emotional words so natural and powerful that could only be expressed through paintings to be understood, obtain identity and significance and become securely existent.

Vera has earned international acclaim. She has participated in a variety of solo and group shows, biennales, galleries and museums in the United State as well as in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Russia, Armenia, China, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland and Monaco. Arutyunyan currently lives and works in Los Angeles - 

“Los Angeles based artist Vera Arutyunyan combines primary colors and an aggressive brushstroke style to ward a decidedly contemporary version of Abstract Expressionism. Although the masters of the 50s like Pollack and de Kooning created similar aesthetic 40 years prior, Vera’s emotionally charged paintings appear forever in the moment. The artist’s vigorous and defined brushstrokes are filled to the brim with the very energy of her technique-the very motions of her wrist. In total, they are primary color-infused visions of action painting forever frozen in time. If every element of the artist’s application process is clearly readable upon her finished canvas, Vera means it that way. Highly conscious of all the masters who have tried their hand at the blank canvas before her, Vera paints on, and with a vengeance that brings the viewer up to-date. Somewhere between the mist of Turner and the drips and splashes of Rauschenberg, Vera stands tall on today’s contemporary art scene for her reinvigoration and renewal not only of a painting style, but also a frame of mind”. 
By: Simone Cappa, NY ARTS 

Artist Statement

I am influenced by all that there is. Aren’t we all? Every leaf on the tree, every cloud in the sky, every insect or animal, every footstep in the sand, every cry and laughter of a child are inspiration enough to make one’s mind fly so high into the world outside of ours.

My creations stem from comprehension of everything that I envision in my own spiritual and emotional world. My own encounters with the philosophical content of life and the emotional resonance of all that surrounds me led me to incorporate colors that emerge in words more powerful than those spoken out loud.

The world of painting is the primary plane on which I live. Though I may not be physically in front of a canvas, in my mind I am always surrounded by a play of colors. I have no control over which color the eye of my mind sees. If anything, the predominant incorporation of the red-based palette has chosen me. It is the same with a musician who writes notes with which he plays, but only hears the melody.